Maths, Stats and Numeracy

Maths and Statistics Support

Maths Resource and Support Centre - Drop In service (Tel: 0151 231 4518)

This resource is located in two locations:
The Henry Cotton Building in Rooms 1.09 and 1.11 
Aldham Robarts Library in Seminar Room 3 on the Lower Ground Floor

During the exam period the service will also operate out of Avril Robarts Library on the dates indicated in the table below: 

All students are welcome to 'drop in' during these times with any maths or numeracy related query.

Opening times Easter 2014:   


 Maths Support - Location  Statistics Support - Location
 Wednesday 23rd April


 Henry Cotton Building  Aldham Robarts Library
 Thursday 24th April


 Henry Cotton Building  Aldham Robarts Library
 Tuesday 29th April


 Avril Robarts Library  Henry Cotton Building
 Wednesday 30th April


 Avril Robarts Library  Aldham Robarts Library
 Thursday 1st May


 Avril Robarts Library  NONE

Call 0151 231 3048 or email to reserve an appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: Updates regarding opening hours will be posted here. You should check this page or sign up to our twitter feed.
If you are experiencing a 'mental block' with a particular mathematics or statistics problem, or if you require more regular support, then please feel free to visit.  We offer one-to-one tuition, as well as targeted support to small groups*. 
> Bring relevant examples and textbooks of the areas you need support in
> All support is confidential 

*Resources permitting

Further Support

Blackboard - Community site: 'Maths Support Resource' inluding HELM and many more resources
Log in to Blackboard > select 'Communities' tab > select 'ID' from drop down 'Organisation' box > enter 'BBTMATHS'
HELM and other resources can be accessed by selecting the 'Resources' link.

Nursing Students - as well as materials within Blackboard, there is also online numeracy support available.
The University of the West of England's 'Numeracy Skills' site offers guidance and tests in a range of skills:

Further maths and numeracy support is also available from Key Skills online , and a number of web sites. 

The sites listed below deal with mathematical topics at all levels. If you find the material on one site too basic then try another.
Image of Calculator and Pen
These BBC sites offer advice on a range of maths topics:

The following two sites tackle a wider range of topics in greater depth:

Statistics, SPSS and Data Analysis  

A range of online advice is available from:

We offer SPSS support classes.  Please consult the main workshop schedule to check for the next session.

You can find further advice and guidance about SPSS from our Blackboard site:
select the 'Communities' tab
type 'BBTSSV01' into the 'Organisation Search' box
press the return key, then select Organisation ID and press the return key again
You will find the guides in the 'Maths, Stats and Numeracy' area

You can download the latest version of SPSS on to a home (non-JMU networked) computer. Instructions available here:

Programming support
We also offer small group (maximum four students) sessions in programming support. These sessions cover basic programming concepts such as code syntax, code structure, programming standards, program logic and debugging. The sessions are intended to be generic rather than programming language specific, although application to some specific programming languages can be covered by prior arrangement.   

* Staff and resources permitting.

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