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LJMU has approximately 24,500 students and occupies over 45 buildings. The estate portfolio includes a wide range of buildings of various ages, type, construction and use.

Our operations naturally have a local, national and global environmental impact. The role of sustainability is to reduce this impact through implementing environmental improvements. This will assist in conserving energy and water, save money, make finite resources last longer and help reduce our contribution towards minimising climate change.
Liverpool John Moores University has for many years been committed to reducing their adverse impact of its activities on the environment. Some of the actions taken are as follows:

• LJMU received accreditation from the Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme in 2007 acknowledging successful measures taken in energy efficiency.
• It was awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in August 2009 for year on year carbon reduction.
• It has introduced a successful Waste and Recycling Programme across the estate. Working with SITA and ORCHID recycling, we have reduced the amount of waste going to landfill to 4% and increased recycling.
• A Sustainability Facilitators Group was established in 2007. The aims of the Group are to assist in implementing the Environmental Policy by raising awareness and assist in minimising the university’s impact on the environment.   The group of volunteers comprises of representatives from staff and students.
• The University purchases 15% of its electrical energy from renewable resources.
• Travel plans have been introduced.
• A PRINT strategy has been established.
• LJMU work closely with Liverpool Students Union with regard environmental issues and assisted them in gaining their Silver Award associated with the environmental Sound Impact Award.
• Participating in the Carbon Trust’s Higher Education Carbon Management Programme (Phase 5 - 2009/10).
• Ensure compliance with environmental legislation

This web site provides information on what is happening in and around the University on sustainability issues.

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