Support for Postgraduate Research Students with Teaching Responsibilities

Employment in a teaching or related capacity provides an excellent opportunity for postgraduate research students (PGRs) to develop valuable personal and transferable skills and ensures that research informs teaching and enables undergraduate students to engage with those who are working at the cutting edge of their disciplines.

Liverpool John Moores University recognises that the employment of PGRs carries a responsibility both towards the research student, to ensure that their ability to complete their research degree programme successfully within the expected maximum period is not put at risk, and towards the undergraduate students being taught, to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning is safeguarded.
The University is therefore committed to providing PGRs with appropriate teaching and professional development opportunities, consistent with its responsibilities to support research students and to maintain teaching quality and academic standards.

To achieve this the University has developed and approved a Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research Students Engaged in Teaching which it makes it mandatory that all postgraduate research students who undertake teaching related activities to receive appropriate support and guidance before commencing any such activity. To support this Code of Practice the University, through its Academic Enhancement Unit provides a series of workshops which focus on key subjects / issues facing those new to teaching in Higher Education. Further information on the programme and relevant contact details are available under 'Learning and Teaching' at

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