Admission with Advanced Standing

The Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies will consider applications to accredit prior learning at other recognised institutions.  It is at the discretion of LJMU as to whether advanced standing is awarded.

To be considered for admission to enter at a level higher than the first year of a programme you are required to submit an application through UCAS (if applying for full time study) or the LJMU online application form (if applying for part time study).

Students applying to progress to our Art and Design courses from one of our Partner Colleges can complete the application form provided by your college. 

In addition to this you will need to provide evidence of prior learning in the form of an authorised transcript.  This is required before a decision can be made on your application.  Please forward to the Faculty Admissions Team as soon after making an application as possible.

Decision on admissions with advanced standing will be made by the Academic Selector for each programme.  It is for the university to determine whether or not the general and specific credit of the programme at LJMU has been satisfied and whether or not the applicant has the ability to complete the programme. 

Interested applicants should be aware that some programmes do not allow credit transfer to the final year of the programme. 

Transcripts/Enquiries can be sent to:

Faculty Admissions Office,
Redmonds Building,
Brownlow Hill
L3 5UG


Tel: +44 (0)151 231 5175

Page last modified 11 June 2013.

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